Often times individuals are hesitant to begin a blog or website because they feel as if they aren’t capable. Carla eliminates that barrier by her willingness to meet individuals where they are. She has an excellent understanding of different learning levels and provides clear information that resonates with any learning style. Carla’s patience decreased any frustration on my end whenever I had additional questions or needed additional support completing a specific task. She broke things down and made it so easy to understand. I began with no knowledge of how to begin a blog and was able to have my blog up and running in no time. By following Carla’s recommendations I’ve become well versed in creatively expressing my ideas and reaching consumers with my blog. She has done a remarkable job supporting me every step of the way and was very responsive and thorough in all of her answers. And while I still have a great deal to learn, in only a short time I have gone from having no understanding of how to even begin to comfortably navigating WordPress with minimal support. I highly recommend Carla to anyone considering beginning a blog or needing additional support with an existing one. She is a remarkable woman with a great deal of patience, creativity, and a wealth of priceless information!

Laura Readel

Owner of Comeback Fitness

Thank you soooo much Carla Rumsey for helping me set up my website and blog! I was completely lost and thought it was just something I could purchase a domain and go but she took the time to do several messaging sessions and even a late night phone call between nursing sessions on both parts so that we could get mine all set up and ready to go with all the things I really needed that I had NO CLUE about!!

She took the time to teach each section, completely in and out and even thought I’ve had mine going for a year now, when I still struggle with things is always open to helping and setting up a time to chat!

I could not recommend her more to help set and keep going YOUR website and blog! Thanks so much again! It is greatly appreciated and God Bless!!

Renee Schopmeyer

Independent Beachbody Coach

Carla is absolutely fantastic. When I tried getting my blog up and running on my own, I felt like I was trying to learn a new language in a foreign country. So hard!! Carla not only knows blog language, she has a GPS to navigate as well

But to be honest, what I loved the most is that Carla not only helped set up my blog to look just as I envisioned it, she actually took the time (and had great patience) as she taught me the ins and outs as well. She helped transform the look of my blog and then taught me how to keep it going! I couldn’t recommend her more!!


Independent Beachbody Coach, Awakenings Fitness

Thank you so much Carla for the beautiful and functional website. When I tried to do it in my own it was so overwhelming. However, you came to the rescue! You listened to my wants and needs for what I hoped to have for my website and you definitely surpassed my expectations!! I love what you developed and the fact that you helped me navigate technical waters so effortlessly with learning how to use my site has been a godsend!
Thank you again for everything!!

Heather Stetson

Independent Beachbody Coach

I really would not have a site without Carla! She’s super knowledgeable and was quick with getting everything on my site set up and running. Even after my site was set up, Carla’s was very accessible and helpful with answering my questions and providing tips. I knew absolutely NOTHING about putting a website together and I personally have learned so much from her that I’m comfortable with making my own adjustments to my site as needed!

April Rzucidlo

Independent Beachbody Coach

Carla helped me set up, run and purchase all the copyright and website things I needed for my blog. She helped me design and run my blog and was very quick to answer any questions I had. She made the process very easy for someone like me, who is technology challenged. I have been running my blog for a year and even now when I have questions she is very willing to help!

Marisa Longwell

Independent Beachbody Coach